75 Year Old Testifies In Magistrate Court Rape Case, Grandson Accused.

75 Year Old Testifies In Magistrate Court Rape Case, Grandson Accused.

A medical doctor has testified in the Ndola Magistrates Court that he did not find evidence of rape. This in a case of a 75-year-old woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her grandson in Masaiti, Copperbelt.

The doctor told the court that upon questioning, the woman did confirm that she had not been subjected to any sexual assault by Boyd Bulemba, who is charged with raping his grandmother.

The 75 year old was suffering from a stroke at the time. The alleged incident took place on September 28 last year, around 01:00 hours. It is alleged that while all this was happening, other relatives where outside.

However, medical licentiate Edgar Chisala, an expert witness in the matter, said his findings after examinations were inconclusive with the claims.

On September 29 last year, I was called to go and review a patient brought in the casualty department in a case of sexual assault,” he said. “I examined the victim and conducted investigations. I documented all my findings on a police form, and later, I signed the medical report submitted to the police.

Dr. Chisala said the victim denied having been penetrated by her grandson while he he did a presentation in the Magistrate Court. “I asked her, she insisted that nothing of such sort happened,” he said. “Witnesses are the ones who said there was penetration. She told me, ‘the ones who brought me here know what happened.’ She did not say anything about the accused