Chile One Mrzambia Will Never Ever Fill Up Ndola Stadium

Chile One Mrzambia Will Never Ever Fill Up Ndola Stadium

Chile One Mrzambia, has set his sights on a monumental achievement – filling up the renowned Ndola Stadium.

Though he is facing a backlash, Chile One Mrzambia still maintains his undertone desire to fill one of the biggest arena in Zambia. The reason why the this issue is always met with criticism is that: Yo Maps did it first.

Chile One Mrzambia has long harbored the dream of filling Ndola Stadium. This is a dream he has passionately pursued even before the release of his debut album. This ambitious goal has become a focal point of his journey, symbolizing not only personal success but also a significant milestone for Zambian artists.

Despite the criticism and comparisons, Chile One Mrzambia remains resolute in his pursuit. The debut album, which has already broken records, seems to have fueled his determination rather than humbling him. In the face of skepticism, Chile One maintains that dreaming is a free endeavor, and the sky is the limit.

Chile One has whooping recording breaking for having Two Million Streams on Boomplay in less than a day. While on the hand Yo Maps only achieved this milestone in a week. This has further fueled up the feud which revamped Mrzambia to take the bull by it’s horns.

While others argue that he might need time to figure some things out before he can think of pulling 40 Thousands people. Chile One Wants be the early bird for the worm.

Ashe boldly ventures into the uncharted territory of filling Ndola Stadium, he carries the weight of expectations, rivalries, and skepticism.

Whether he can turn his dream into reality or create a new chapter in Zambian music history remains to be seen.

As the drama unfolds, one thing is certain – the Zambian music scene is witnessing an intense battle of dreams. Watch The space.