Abduction? Lusaka Girls Goes Missing – New Case Opens Up

Abduction? Lusaka Girls Goes Missing – New Case Opens Up

A case of 3 missing girls has been opened in Lusaka few weeks after the Pamela Chisupa Abduction case was concluded

Worried families from Lusaka have reported that their beloved daughters disappeared without a trace in the nations capital, Lusaka.

Missing persons reports of the girls were filled from Kabwata, Chelstone & Woodlands police stations. Names of the victims are; Lydia Siakwasiya 11 years of age, of Chalala who went missing since last February & has not been heard from

The second one is Kundananji Sinkala aged 23 a student at Fairview Institution. According to her mother, the daughter was living at a boarding house in Kamwala & went missing on May 25th this year.

The last one is Charity Mushaukwa aged 20 of Chelstone & went missing on the 26th of July 2023. Before she went missing, she called her brother in a distress call saying she did not know where she was.

Cases have of Abduction has been on the rise country especially Lusaka which as become notorious for these kind of crimes, even though the court handed a lengthy sentence to the 13 girls abductors, the move seems to motivate those that would be offenders. All in all, we pray for the safety of the girls & their safe return.