Court jails Mr Lee’s employee over insults

FOR bringing sewer behaviour to the Zambian online space, a delinquent and queer Lusaka-based Facebooker will spend the next three months behind bars watering cabbages.

On top of the free but forced vacation, Fredrick Chulu known as Mr Lee’s Employee will also pay K130 for his foul mouth as ruled by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on charges of insulting language.

Exicted with Chinese pocket change last May, the -ill-mannered Chulu bought a So Che data bundle, logged into Facebook and almost perforated ears of his followers as he broadcast a video with disturbing unprintables.

Police found the Chulu’s behaviour likely to breach peace or provoke any person.
When he uttered disperaging remarks in three different videos on social media when he said “Kuipa pamatako vima Zambians, uchita monga nichiimbwa kapena nichikolwe, atase kuipa monga nichikolwe, chimutu monga matuvi”, which broke the public peace.

After his conviction this morning, a meek-looking Chulu begged for the court’s mercy in his mitigation and vowed never to make a contemptuous video.

“I am sorry I offended everyone and I will never make such videos. I regret my actions,” said Chulu.
In her judgment, magistrate Mwenya said :”I have taken note that the accused is remorseful but the video seems to have disturbed public peace… to deter others from using such language that cause moral decay I will fine him and also send him to jail. I hereby order that you pay a fine of K130 and I sentence you to three months imprisonment effective today.”
Kalemba December 20, 2022