Riverside Fight Named “Group Fight” Of The Year – Watch

Riverside Fight Named Group Fight Of The Year – Watch

Alabama Riverside fight has caused a global stir calling the fight as racially motived fight given the 2 groups that were involved

A video has been widely shared online showing a black man & a white man who were seen arguing by the Riverside before bursting into a fight. 

When the black man tossed his hat in the air to retaliate, the other white unidentified male jumped on him bringing him down & the 2 began beating him up. Onlookers could be heard screaming & shouting at the fighters.

The other man, black male had to swim across the River to join the brawl which had multiple people including women. Local Police were called to the scene & immediately arrested those involved in the fight

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Riverside Fight Named “Group Fight” Of The Year – Watch