Show Grounds Holiday Claims 10 Lives With Over 200 Accidents

10 Die During Farmers Holiday

Police spoke’s person Rae Hamoonga has told BYTA FM Zambia that that this year’s Famers Holiday was worse in terms of accident which exceeded 200 record with 1o lives which were lost when families should have been having a good time at the Show Grounds

Mr. Hamoonga also reported that out of 288 road accidents, 25 were serious injury accidents having 50 casualties while the 63 were classified as as slight injury & 87 as minor injuries. The 192 were damages caused by accidents

This year’s Farmers Holiday has seen an increase of 8 more accidents as compared to last year’s record with 280 records. Lusaka has had the highest record with 160 accidents followed by Copper Belt with 31 accidents.

Mr. Rae Hamoonga has asked motorists to observe road safety rules to avoid such results at the end of these family Holiday which gives us the time to have fun at the Show Grounds.

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